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Sandy Creek Olive and Mountain Pepperberry farm is nestled in the heart of the Otway Ranges, bordered by the Great Otway National Park.  We produce Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sustainable, farm grown Mountain Pepper. Only a small part of our 100 acre property is under cultivation. The remainder we share with the native wildlife that spills from the surrounding Otway National Park.

For over 26 years we have planted a variety of indigenous trees and shrubs to protect the pristine Sandy Creek that runs through the farm. 

Twenty years ago, we planted our hilltop with a grove of Frantoio and Correggiola olive trees to make a deliciously flavoursome, Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This was followed a short time later with our Mountain Pepper planting. 

Today the fruits of our labour can be shared with those looking for the taste experience of our family farm produce - the exquisite joy of early harvest, single-origin Correggiola and Frantoio extra virgin olive oil, with the distinctive spicy characteristics of these traditional olive varieties, and the quintessentially Australian flavours of Mountain Pepperberry and Mountain Pepper leaf.

Australia’s Mountain Pepper industry has traditionally focused on wild harvesting.  As interest and demand for pepperberries grows this is likely to become unsustainable. Our Mountain Pepper production comes entirely from farm grown plantings. 

On our “off grid” farm, we maximise productive Otway agricultural land and low-impact agricultural methods to produce high quality products sustainably, minimising impact on the environment. Our olives and pepperberries are lovingly hand harvested. 

We proudly present these natural local products as an addition to the growing selection of Otway Gourmet foods.

Lorant and Lynette


Olive oil

Grown and harvested on a boutique farm in the cool, moist climate of Victoria’s Otway Ranges, our small run, early harvest extra virgin olive oil has a vibrant green appearance and complex, spicy aroma and taste.
Sandy Creek experiences a Mediterranean like ripening period that is ideal for olive development. We harvest early to produce a quality olive oil, rich in antioxidants and flavour.
Sandy Creek olive oil can be used in all your cooking, on salads or simply enjoyed with fresh bread.

pepperberries 2.png

Mountain Pepper

Tasmannia lanceolata, commonly known as Mountain Pepper, is native to the Victorian Otway Ranges as well as Tasmania and is grown on the river flats of Sandy Creek.
Both the leaves and berries have an aromatic peppery taste, with a distinctive herbal or “native bush” flavour which can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. 

Mountain Pepper is especially good in baking and can be used as a subtle flavour enhancer whilst still adding some heat. It is also delicious added to marinades, curries, satays, sauces, and other dishes or used as a rub on meats before roasting or barbecuing.

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